GSF1250S ABS Module Replacement Cover/ Horn Relocation Kit

GSF1250S ABS Module Replacement Cover/ Horn Relocation Kit
GSF1250S ABS Module Replacement Cover/ Horn Relocation Kit
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GSF1250S ABS Module Replacement Cover/Horn Relocation Kit and EVAP System removal kit

After removing the cowling when converting an S model to a naked model, both the EVAP canister valve on the left side of the frame needs to be relocated, and the EVAP canister on the right side of the frame needs to be removed as once exposed nbsp;they both completely terrible, and they also have to be removed if fitting either the factory frame neck covers or your own custom frame neck covers.

The canister valve needs to be relocated and remain connected to the bikes electrical system to keep the FI warning light from coming on. So the supplied canister valve relocation bracket quickly and easily relocates the valve up underneath the gas tank completely out of view and connected to the bikes wiring system, by attaching it to one of the mounting bolts for the thermostat/filler neck assembly.

The ABS module replacement cover/ horn relocation mounting plate bolts in place of the stock plastic ABS module cover using the stock mounting bolts and is made out of 1/8” thick aluminum plate and powder coated semi gloss black, and it really cleans up the underside of the rear fender while also allowing you to mount a Fiam Freeway blaster horn in the space below the battery box. If you’ve never heard a Fiam Freeway Blaster horn, their very loud and are a huge improvement over the stock horn.

The kit comes with caps and a plastic tee fitting to allow for the complete removal of the EVAP canister and all of the associated plumbing and hoses, mounting bolt, spacer and nut for attaching the Fiam horn bracket to the plate and detailed easy to follow installation instructions. The Fiam Freeway Blaster horn is not included in the kit, but can be purchased at most leading auto parts stores as well as online for around $18 and is available in both high and low tone versions

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