Bandit GSF1200 Rider Foot Peg Brackets Solid Mount Bushings

Bandit GSF1200 Rider Foot Peg Brackets Solid Mount Bushings
Bandit GSF1200 Rider Foot Peg Brackets Solid Mount Bushings
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Bandit GSF1200 Rider Foot Peg Brackets Solid Mount Bushings

Want a more solid perch for your feet on your Bandit, then replace the stock rider footpeg brackets rubber bushings with these custom billet aluminum solid mount bushings from Metrick Metal.

I have been using these solid mount rider footpeg bracket bushings on my own personal 1250 for 5+ years and many thousands of miles of riding and I love that my footpeg brackets are not flopping around anymore, and the solid mounting really gives you much better feedback as to what your bike is doing, and I cannot perceive any increase in felt vibration with the solid mounts over the stock rubber mounts.

Installing these solid bushing is simple and only requires removing the left and right foot peg brackets, pressing out the stock rubber mounting bushings and installing the solid bushings into the mounting holes on the backside of the brackets, and then re-installing the footpeg brackets using the stock mounting screws.

Once you try them. you'll be amazed at how much better and stable your Bandit will feel, and you'll never want to go back to the stock rubber footpeg mounts again!

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